Writing achievements and support

Today I received something very special in the post–my own copy of The Single Feather by R.F. Hunt!

P1050703 (2)

This is certain to be a terrific, thought-provoking read. Ruth and I both took novel writing classes at writingclasses.co.uk. It was there we got to know each other, albeit virtually, and to encourage each other with our writing. It was also there that we became friends with Katrina Hart, author of soon to be published fantasy ebook, Finding Destiny, which you can read about here: http://www.pilrigpress.co.uk/books.html .

When we became friends, starting a virtual writers’ circle of sorts, we were all beginners, now three years later, we are all published or soon to be published novelists. This is due in large part to determination, persevering at our writing and editing even when it felt like it was time to give up. Speaking for myself, it was writing friendships such as I have with Ruth and Katie which helped me through the difficult times, when writing felt impossible, as though I would never get anywhere with it. Writing is hard and it’s difficult to maintain self-belief in your project through hundreds of pages, which makes having the support of other writers who will support you with your ‘crazy ideas’ all the more important.

So…hip, hip hooray and three cheers for Ruth!


I can’t wait to read The Single Feather!

Speaking of writerly support, I would be remiss to not mention how grateful I am for the support of Marianne Wheelaghan, whose writing classes assisted me tremendously on my writing journey. Her new murder mystery novel, Killer Shoeshine, is coming out soon with Pilrig Press, Here’s a photo of her previous novels, The Blue Suitcase (historical fiction) and Food of Ghosts (the first of the DS Louisa Townsend series), both are available from Pilrig Press and both are excellent reads: http://www.pilrigpress.co.uk/books.html

P1050709 (2)

Also, Anne Hamilton assisted Ruth, Katie and I greatly both as a teacher as well as in the preparation of our manuscripts and with much needed mentoring in my case. She is the author of the intelligent, humorous and thought provoking travel book, A Blonde Bengali Wife, about her journeys in Bangladesh, which you can buy here (all profits go to the charity Bhola’s Children): http://www.ll-publications.com/nonfiction.html Here’s a photo of it’s lovely cover:

P1050711 (2)

So a big thank you to all the wonderful, inspiring and helpful writers in my life! I can’t wait to read all of your books when they come out!

Are you a writer, and if so, have you found having the support and encouragement of friends or a writers group valuable to your own writing practice? Looking back on your own writing journey, what are the milestones which stand out to you and how do you think you managed to arrive at each? I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Writing achievements and support

  1. Hi Kendra
    It’s great to read a post that contains so much achievement! Well done to you for The Forest King’s Daughter, to Ruth, for A Single Feather, and to Katy for Finding Destiny. Three very different novels, from three very different, but highly talented writers. I’m so looking forward to reading them ‘for real’ and feel very privileged to have had access to them in the making… Keep writing and I hope you all go from strength to strength!
    Best Wishes


  2. Hi Marianne,
    I agree that making time is incredibly important. Without making the time to write, there are no stories to tell. 😉
    Thanks for your comment, and I hope you enjoy The Forest King;s Daughter 🙂


  3. I agree, writing support is invaluable on the sometimes very lonely and long road to becoming a writer. Regards my journey, I had a bunch of writer friends to support me on the way but the first milestone was actually finishing writing my first novel and that happened because I made time to do it. I think as much as a writer needing support, a writer needs time – well, this writer does, anyway 😉 The Single Feather is a great read, and I am sure it will get the attention it deserves. I’m also looking forward to reading your novel, The Forest King’s Daughter, and Katie’s novel, Finding Destiny: http://pilrigpress.co.uk/books.html#Olson
    Drinks all round, I think 🙂
    ps Thanks too for kind mentions!

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  4. Hi Kendra..

    Congrats on your soon to be published novel… I can’t wait to read it Hun.. I feel blessed to have met you and Ruth through the writing classes… It has been an adventure and I couldn’t have asked for two better friends to share the writing adventure with..

    Many congrats to Ruth and your book being released enjoy every second of it Hun,.. It’s an amazing read….:)

    Lovely blog post Kendra….

    Take care.

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  5. Hi Kendra,
    I hope you enjoy The Single Feather 🙂
    I echo all what you say in this post and I’m looking forward to reading your novel and Katie’s novel as well. Thank you for featuring TSF in this post!

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