As some of you may have noticed, it’s been awhile since my last post. As my Creative Writing MLitt drew to a close I had to take some time away to focus solely on my final portfolio. Needless to say, this has now been submitted, which means I’ve completed my MLitt! Yay! Woo-hoo! 🙂

Of course, I have yet to graduate and receive my degree so perhaps it is a bit early to celebrate. Still, it certainly feels like a huge milestone to have submitted my final assignment. I’ve really enjoyed the programme at University of Glasgow and will miss both the courses as well as my tutors and classmates. Hopefully we will stay in touch via social media.

So…what was this ‘final portfolio’ and what did it consist of? Well, my second novel, of course! The subject of which will be revealed at a later date. For now, all I’ll say is that it is set in a completely different location to The Forest King’s Daughter and, although it’s also historical fiction, it takes place in a much more recent time period.

Right after submitting my portfolio I assisted with a children’s literacy event called Make a Play which was run by Artburst, a local arts and children’s literacy organisation (you can read about them here: http://www.artburst.co.uk/ ). Make a Play consists of an entire week where children from the age of eight to twelve design and write their own play, based on a traditional children’s story. The play was a variation on The Wizard of Oz, except that this version took place in Forest Gate, East London, the wizard was actually a superstar DJ wizard and the scarecrow realised that not only did she have a brain all along, but she was very good at math. It was lots of fun, and I think the kids enjoyed it too. 😉

I’ve also been reading some fantastic new mystery novels, including The Shoeshine Killer by Marianne Wheelaghan which is set in Fiji (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shoeshine-Killer-Scottish-Detective-mysteries-ebook/dp/B012TN8PM0 ) and The Second Path by Virginia King which is set in France (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Second-Path-Selkie-Mystery-Series-ebook/dp/B0139IAN56 ). I’d highly recommend them both. They’ve been the perfect books to take my mind off of all those university deadlines. 🙂

Oh yes, and I have a brand new Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kendra-Olson/1479392189025196 Do check it out and ‘like’ if you can. I’m still in the process of adding updates and finding my way around.

Until next time!

8 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Hi Kendra, absolutely start celebrating now – and so well deserved! Look forward to hearing all about your second novel, i loved The Forest King\s Daughter, as you know! And thank you so much for mentioning The Shoeshine Killer, so glad you enjoyed it! Now get back to guzzling that champagne ;o) xx

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    • Hi Marianne, Thank you! 🙂 And thanks so much for loving The Forest King’s Daughter too! 🙂 I loved The Shoeshine Killer–a very enjoyable read with a great mystery which completely transported me. I will write my review soon. 🙂 Now back to celebrating!


  2. Hi Kendra.

    Congrats on summiting your portfolio and writing your second novel. Well done you!!

    Art burst sounds like a lot of fun. I bet the play was great and the kids sound like they did a great job with putting their own spin on the wizard of OZ. 🙂

    I’ve read both books and would recemmend them as well. Both great reads.

    Liked your FB page. Congrats on getting it up and running. 😊

    Have a lovely Thursday.
    Take care.

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  3. Many congratulations, Kendra!
    I’m sure you can celebrate now! Well done on getting book two ready for your course! The children’s literacy project sounded good fun, for both you and the children 🙂
    I’ve liked your page, thanks for doing the same with my page.
    Great post, I too enjoyed Mariannes book -off to Edinburgh soon to meet Anne, Cath and Marianne so will be able to say Congratulations to her in person!

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    • Hi Ruth, Thank you! 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic time in Edinburgh too–I’m sure you will. I can’t wait to go again, and next time I plan to do more socialising. 🙂


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